Dreams Really DO Come True…As Long As You Keep Working Towards Them

Those who know me or have been reading and following my adventures with Alzheimer’s know that I am not the kind of person to let Alzheimer’s get the best of me…at least not without a seriously hard fight.  I employ ALL I know regarding how the brain works, and neuroplasticity, I actively re-wire my brain…and mostly, I just stay actively demanding my brain perform.  Partly, this is because I really have no option, but to keep going full blast.  I call this THRIVING despite.

Anyways, so I am co-raising my amazing autistic granddaughter which is an adventure in itself. Part of raising her is making sure we design therapy programs to best meet her needs, also another adventure in and of itself.  Well, part of that program has been regular pony back riding, which really helps her a lot.  You see, I am a horse person.  My older kids and I owned a horse and spent many years working at a rental riding ranch.  It was great, they offered unguided trail rides so on the weekends, when it was busy, they would post us along the trail to help riders out.  I was stationed on the beach, so I went out in the morning with the first rider opening the gate and came back with the last rider in the evening and shut the gate.  All day on the back of a horse, on the beach, on the west coast…it was HEAVEN.

My daughter, my granddaughter’s mom, was just a tiny tot then…about my granddaughter’s age…so she did not get much horse experience.  This needed to change.  It is important to me to pass on my horse knowledge to these two.  Plus, my grandbaby has a natural seat as though she was BORN to ride horses.  So we entered the market to buy ourselves a little pony…and instead, got a big, beautiful, amazing arab/paint gelding, that will make a great horse for everyone in the family.

No only did I think autism would completely short fuse my sparking brain just trying to make sense of this and figuring out what to do for her…but horse ownership in a state that I haven’t owned horses…woo-wee.  That said, my brain and body just keep rising up to the demands being placed on it.  And…THIS…THIS is the reward for all my hard work.  I couldn’t be more happy.

00001 Johnny


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