In Prep For A Meeting With Our City Counsel & Police Chief

A great many are focused on race, and I think that is extremely important….however not the only problem.  Along with race, we also have the autism issue…kids and adults that are not going to behave as expected.  But, all that is only a symptom of the REAL problem at hand…which is, that for the last 10 years plus….police have been creating policies that increasingly violate the laws and our constitutional rights.

I am sure I am not the only one who reads the comments on the police shooting videos…but our biggest threat, beyond these illegal policies, is our own neighbors who seemingly have forgotten the laws of this land. America isn’t great because you can rape a child, impregnate her, force her to have your kid, and force her to marry you, and rape her some more. American isn’t great because you can throw sick, disabled babies out in the streets to starve and die. American isn’t great because you can shoot a black man and get away with it. American isn’t great because sadists in blue can slaughter innocent people…slaughter “innocent” American citizens (and I use the word “innocent” with great care).

America is great because our founding documents, that grant us a very specific and exacting freedom….that NO person may be deprived of ANY of their liberties (detained, lost rights, loss of life) without what is known as Due Process.  Due Process is a day in court, a trial by the jury of ones peers and a chance to have ones side heard.

In THIS country, ALL people are INNOCENT until a jury of their peers finds them guilty and deserving of a loss of their liberties.  Many have forgotten that THIS, and this alone, is what makes THIS country great…and is what sets us apart from all other countries where people are guilty until proven innocent.

Currently, however, we have police who stand, move, talk, and act in provocative ways that FORCE people (all people) to react…and then use that reaction as justification to murder INNOCENT citizens (because remember, EVERY person is innocent until a jury trial finds them guilty). Again, this is the same if we strike a man between the legs…he’s going to move his hands to protect his groin, he cannot help it…his human hard wiring makes him move to protect himself and he is powerless to control that.  The police, however, as we see time and time again in the videos, will strike first, and justify the foreseeable reaction we ALL know will happen as grounds to sadistically murder innocent people (and again, all people that the police deal with are innocent…until a jury finds them not). The public forgets this.

This is not a war on blacks, although we certainly all feel the genocide in our community, this is a war upon America…and it’s been upon us for over 10 years, when the policy changed from reasonable force to shoot to kill and sort it out later.  It was predictable then, that a shoot to kill policy would lead to increased police violence (we should all be aware of Stanley Milgrim, the Stanford prison experiments, as well as what happened at Abu Grahib).  And, it gets worse…for those who still do not quite see it…soon after the election, many members of the new administration self identified as active kkk members. On the Fourth of July, this administration and their followers openly made fun of the Declaration of Independence. The administration has openly stated that they will be tearing up the Constitution of the United States. They have already signed away our national parks, they have removed our endangered species list, they have made it legal to kill all the protected animals that we have worked for decades to get the populations back up…including going so far as to make legal the killing of hibernating bears, et al. They have taken away the land, air and water protections.

And then we have the kkk’s decades old plan to “cleanse” murica of blacks, Jews, now also Muslims, immigrants, sick, disabled, elderly, women…and, of course, all those who oppose… and literally EVERY single action taken by this new administration has been to do just that…cleanse and destroy America. This includes the police, as acting agents of this administration.

So really, this isn’t a simple black or brown issue…or an autism issue…this is a We The People issue.  At all times, our eyes have to be locked and loaded on that the police MUST comply with the laws, and especially with the Constitution of the United States (as no state or city may EVER enact ANY laws that violate the Constitution or its Amendments).

This means, simply put, no officer may deprive ANY person of their liberties…period.

Police are ONLY evidence collectors for the court…that is their ONLY role in this legal side of our government. There are finite, exacting, and specific rules that define evidence collection. They MUST comply with these rules…or everything they collect is not admissible in court.

Their dogs are no longer adequately trained or controlled and now constitute violent animals that under our laws should be euthanized.

The police are now nothing more than living breathing examples of the famous quote, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Police are no longer allowing people their day in court.  They act as judge, jury, and executioner. Where they do not slaughter innocent American citizens, they are merely gathering up and filling corporate run prisons to create a for-profit forced free labor in what is now modern day slavery.

Many despise criminal defense attorneys, but this is only because they do not understand the legal branch of our government or its vital importance. Criminal defense attorneys do not defend the criminals at their side (nor is it relevant if they are guilty)….what they defend, vehemently, as their ethics demand, is YOUR rights as American Citizens (as I have outlined here). They are, our checks and balances…they make sure police followed the laws, they make sure all elements of the law were met…before we take away ANY human’s liberties. And folks, this is what separates us from animals.

I am not sure, at this point, what chit chatting about it can do to change the course of events that I suspect are coming.

Meanwhile, in the kkk’s war on the United States of America, the NRA has been quietly passing the permitless carry and stand your ground laws in every state. This has come before our state. While the idea behind the creation of these laws (as founded in the south) is to allow white racists to shoot and kill black citizens and be protected under the law for doing so…however…it is important to know that this law cuts both ways (again, I am sure I am not the only one reading comments after police shootings)…the American people are angry…very, very angry at the open genocide of blacks in our communities.  The passing of these laws (because they cut both ways) will make it legal for citizens, including bystanders, to take up arms and shoot and kill police officers. I have been saying for a long time now, police need to start apologizing profusely after these shootings and start doing some serious PR…but they have yet to do so, or even take the issue seriously.  Understandably, our communities are growing increasingly outraged and incensed and the people are beginning to band together.  Our communities are beginning to band together to form a united front against unlawful police policies and practices. Again, I am unsure at this point, with the president’s inciting of further police violence and brutality, if chit chatting about it will have much of an effect. The window of opportunity for idle talk to change the course of what is coming, I feel, is closing.

Consistently, courts are upholding the people’s right to defend themselves against police brutality and unlawfulness. I don’t believe this is going to go well.

So again, I think this is much, much more than a mere black and brown issue…and I believe it transcends mere chit chatting…I believe if we, the people, do not succeed in getting our police force turned around, what’s coming is a potential blood bath…which the new administration (and the kkk) wants to have happen because then they can evoke a police state and martial law (and if you don’t already see the comparisons to the nazi takeover of Germany yet, then god help you.

I believe we have to consider two options…a We The People class action lawsuit against police; or disbanding the current police force before any further damage is done…and begin again, at the drawing board, as our forefathers did…and decide together, as a people, how we want our communities run.


Dreams Really DO Come True…As Long As You Keep Working Towards Them

Those who know me or have been reading and following my adventures with Alzheimer’s know that I am not the kind of person to let Alzheimer’s get the best of me…at least not without a seriously hard fight.  I employ ALL I know regarding how the brain works, and neuroplasticity, I actively re-wire my brain…and mostly, I just stay actively demanding my brain perform.  Partly, this is because I really have no option, but to keep going full blast.  I call this THRIVING despite.

Anyways, so I am co-raising my amazing autistic granddaughter which is an adventure in itself. Part of raising her is making sure we design therapy programs to best meet her needs, also another adventure in and of itself.  Well, part of that program has been regular pony back riding, which really helps her a lot.  You see, I am a horse person.  My older kids and I owned a horse and spent many years working at a rental riding ranch.  It was great, they offered unguided trail rides so on the weekends, when it was busy, they would post us along the trail to help riders out.  I was stationed on the beach, so I went out in the morning with the first rider opening the gate and came back with the last rider in the evening and shut the gate.  All day on the back of a horse, on the beach, on the west coast…it was HEAVEN.

My daughter, my granddaughter’s mom, was just a tiny tot then…about my granddaughter’s age…so she did not get much horse experience.  This needed to change.  It is important to me to pass on my horse knowledge to these two.  Plus, my grandbaby has a natural seat as though she was BORN to ride horses.  So we entered the market to buy ourselves a little pony…and instead, got a big, beautiful, amazing arab/paint gelding, that will make a great horse for everyone in the family.

No only did I think autism would completely short fuse my sparking brain just trying to make sense of this and figuring out what to do for her…but horse ownership in a state that I haven’t owned horses…woo-wee.  That said, my brain and body just keep rising up to the demands being placed on it.  And…THIS…THIS is the reward for all my hard work.  I couldn’t be more happy.

00001 Johnny