Overcoming Aphasia…For The Most Part

In December 2015, at part of the progression of whatever is going on in my brain, I developed Aphasia.  Aphasia is where your thoughts that you want to express and your mouth no longer connect.  It affects both my speech and my writing.  Stress can make it much, much worse, to the point that I cannot get my mouth to form any more than the first sound of the first word.  It was frightening and disheartening.  But, you know me, I just can’t accept my limitations that easily…so I stay fighting and combatting it with all I have in me.  Aphasia, ain’t nobody got time for that!  So part of my recovery is simply my I will not give up attitude.

I went to speech therapy and learned some interesting tricks to get some words I had lost back.  I worked super hard at this.

I took a long time off from talking to pretty much anyone.

I got away from focusing on dementia and Alzheimer’s.

I spent time in nature.

Inch by inch I started re-wiring my brain to find new ways to get my mouth and fingers to move in ways I wanted and needed them to.

Now, under stress and if I have talked a lot, you can tell I have something wrong with my speech…like I will miss some words here and there (although I can usually re-say what I was trying to say.  But mostly, I can carry on a conversation and you’d never have known how bad I once was.

Persistence, persistence, persistence…it pays off.

I had a chance see a video of me when I was fairly affected by Aphasia…and I am amazed at how far I have come.

Counting my blessings this day.


Finally! Social Security Will Be Replacing Medicare Cards With Randomly Generated Numbers

Not sure what took them so long to figure out that they needed to do this, but I am glad that they are FINALLY doing this.

Historically, Medicare Cards used a person’s Social Security Number on them.  This means, every service you get…every time you show your insurance cards, you are handing over your Social Security Number.  It also means that it is put on countless forms that you fill out, and is copied and sent to countless people that you send your medical records to.  All this adds up to a clear and present danger in terms of Identity Theft.

Many disabled people, however, have chosen to simply not show their Medicare Cards at various appointments.  I know after the first few times, I didn’t show mine either.  However, now we can look forward to increased safety.